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Where are we now?

Hi All! So here we are again in the beautiful city of Graz! After finishing the NRW trophy only yesterday, we flew from Dusseldorf to Vienna and picked up a hire car from Vienna to [...]

November Update

Hi All, We just thought that we better let everyone know that we are ok.  It is true that we were in New Jersey when Hurricane Sandy hit and yes some of the sites we [...]

Summer Catch Up

Dear All, We thought it was about time that we updated you on how we have been getting on! To be honest we have not felt like there has been very much to report  as [...]

Thank you!

Dear All, We would just like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their support whilst we were competing at the European Championships last week.  For those of you who may have missed the [...]

Happy New Year!

Well a Happy New Year to you all! So here we are people, one week before we begin our first European Championships.  It has been a long time coming but we finally made the team [...]

A Quick Catch Up

Hi All, It has been a crazy few weeks to be honest. Pre-season training has been difficult this year for us as we had various disruptions to contend with but we are on the right [...]

The World Championships in Moscow were great!

Dear All, what a crazy couple of months! As you would expect our season finished true to form with the unexpected selection for the World Championships in Moscow, which were originally due to take place [...]

Finally it is official

We have been selected for the World Championships in Moscow! Great news for us and we are very excited but lots of work to do as only a few weeks notice! Three days before the [...]

Spring Update!

Dear All, It really has been a while since we wrote our blog, in fact almost two months.  We could give you many reasons why but most of you know us well enough to know [...]

Going Forward!

Dear All, First and most importantly Happy New Year to everyone and I hope you had a lovely Christmas. I thought it was about time I broke the silence as it has been a while [...]