December Update

As I am sure you have all gathered by now from our various blog posts that our lives are always quite hectic, we are always travelling here & there or doing various other bits such as seminars, coaching etc. Despite constantly being on the go, we really do love what we do! :-)

We have now been working in Phantasia Land; a German theme park, just outside of Cologne for around three weeks. The park, as you would expect has various rides, restaurants etc, but also has four individual shows which are run throughout the day. As you can imagine the ice show is but a small part of a much bigger picture.

Anyway, down to the good stuff – Our show:

Titled Winterfeelings on Ice, it is as you would imagine very Christmas orientated, with every track being some kind of carol. Although each show is quite short, only 30 minutes in length, we do perform it three times a day and in the run up to Christmas we are having to do a whole 27 days straight – no breaks/days off. OUCH!

14 to GO!!!

We open the show with a group number, dancing round the Christmas tree before the serious skating begins. After the opening we slip off quickly whilst others take over for their solo routines so that we can get ready for our principle number. We skate to Alleluia and have jointly choreographed a really lovely number with the assistance of Manuela, our producer. It is a really emotional number and a pleasure to skate.

This show has definitely taken learning how to cope with small ice to a new level as our current ice pad is not a very generous size, despite this we have been performing many of our dance lifts with very little space at all; rotating seems to be the key element. When we look back at what we have done in our skating it is funny to realise that Blackpool now seems like quite a big rink.

Anyway, we will keep you updated over the holiday period and hope to see many of you when we get back into the UK in January.

Owen x