November Update

Hi All,

We just thought that we better let everyone know that we are ok.  It is true that we were in New Jersey when Hurricane Sandy hit and yes some of the sites we saw were horrific.  We are extremely blessed that we were only affected by things such as no power, no hot water and no training for few days.  To be honest, when you see some of the devastation, all of the things we could complain about, seem very trivial.  Our biggest concern was whether we would be able to fly out of the USA to make our international competition this weekend.  By some stroke of luck we are here in Dortmund and we did make it.

We compete at the NRW Trophy in Dortmund Germany this weekend – the SD tomorrow and the FD on Sunday.  It seems that you can follow the results here and also there is a live stream but we haven’t worked that one out yet.  We have drawn to skate 8th out of 14 couples and after all the changes and upset we have had over the past few weeks we would really like to skate well and do ourselves proud.  Points and places can follow after that!

We are really enjoying being in the USA and have worked very very hard over the past few weeks.  The facilities where we train are very good, there are four ice pads, a gym and a ballet studio but honestly that is not really unusual for a good training centre.  We are living in a shared house with several other skaters and we have a house keeper who cooks and cleans for us – which I have to admit takes some pressure off us somewhat.  I have to say that we haven’t really needed anything other than somewhere to sleep and somewhere to train, in a way perhaps it has helped us knuckle down.  We now train within Galit Chait’s school with her and John and Sinead Kerr.  We again, have changed the Free Dance this year from what we started with! We are looking forward to showing everyone our new work but we are not putting excess pressure on ourselves to be perfect.  There are lots of good teams out there fighting just as we are for success.  Extra pressure will not give us the competitive edge, being us, working hard and doing our job will be!

We visited New York last week and I have to admit, it really is special.  It is one of my favourite cities I have visited.  We walked out of the bus terminal on to 42nd Street, then along Broadway and into Central Park.  It really was fantastic and a great highlight for me.  We have also visited other places such as Malls, the cinema, supermarkets etc on our few days off.

It is also count down to the British National Championships that will take place 26th November – 2nd December.  Please try your very best to come and support us and our other fellow British skaters.  You will be able to find more information at  I believe that the dance will be held Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd December.

Lots of Love