Our move to professional skating and Hot Ice 2013

Hi Everyone!

As you will know we have made the move from competitive skating to professional skating in the last few months and what a change it has been! We were very lucky that within days of announcing our retirement from the competitive ranks, we had received a number of exciting offers. Whilst anyone of them would have been a great opportunity for us, we chose to perform in the Hot Ice Show in Blackpool, UK and what a pleasure it has been so far.

We began rehearsals on Tuesday 10th June and boy was it hard work. Of course we are no strangers to burning the candle at both ends or putting in extra hours but wow! 12 hours a day on ice, run throughs of a 2 hour show twice daily. Quick changes, fishnet tights, false eyelashes, fake tan, sparkles, glitz, glamour all to name but few delightful characteristics of our new life.

Of course previously whilst we were use to skating as a ‘team’ Owen and I together had a team working round us, or we were training along side other ‘teams’ but now we are working with 25 other skater and additional cast and crew. We are learning valuable lessons and gaining great professional experience.

We had a lovely surprise during rehearsals when Robbie Williams, Jonathan Wilkes and Olly Murs just happened to drop in to watch us skate and have a chat! Not your average day at the rink and somewhat entertaining.

Wednesday 3rd July saw the opening night of Hot Ice Allure 2013. It was overwhelming, emotional, fantastic and a privilege to be part of such a talented group of performers. A few months earlier we faced a heart baking decision that could have been the end of our career and that one opening night restored our faith and confidence in our own ability again. We loved every minute of the show and we were truly thankful to the Producers and Choreographers Amanda Thompson, Anthony Johns and Oula Jaaskelainen for believing in us. We skated very well to a sell-out crowd and received wonderful feedback. The whole cast received a standing ovation and rapturous applause.

This show is not one to be missed! It is a pleasure for us to be able to skate at home in the UK and it is a great opportunity for our followers and supporters to come and watch us and our fellow cast members. Tickets are available here. The show runs continuously until the 7th September but book now to avoid disappointment.

We are almost a week into the shows now and all is so far so good. We are loving skating, enjoying life, working very hard and learning to relax also for a change! Whilst we are not on the ice or keeping in shape we are faithfully committed to running our business Six Point Zero and website www.sixpointzero.com as usual. As you would expect of Louise & Owen, we are trying to fit 30 hours in a 24 hour day but do you know what, we are loving every minute of it!

We thank you again for your unconditional support as we continue on our skating journey and hope to see as many of you as possible over the summer in Blackpool if you can make it.

Keep skating!

Louise (& Owen).