Re-homing teddy bears with the children of Brian House

Many years of competing on both the national and international stage has seen us accumulate a large amount of gifts which have been thrown on the ice for us at competitions. These soft toys have always been treasured by us as keepsakes and mementos from all our well wishers both at home and abroad who have come to support our skating. Each of these gifts has represented an individual persons kind thoughts and support towards us and there has been no greater honour than performing whilst knowing how much good will there is toward us as competitors.

As we look to the future and the continuation of our career we realised that we were unable to look after so many of these keepsakes in the fashion to which they deserve. As most had been piled up in rooms or bags for storage we decided that it may be time to pass them on to people who may appreciate them once more.

After speaking to Amanda Thompson at the Pleasure Beach it was suggested that it may be the perfect idea to donate them to the Children’s wing of Trinity Hospice and therefore a time was arranged to go meet the children. Meeting the children was a very moving experience, reminding us how lucky we are to be able to do the things we do and a reminder to all that our lives are a wonderful gift to be cherished.

Brian House was amazing, the staff were so friendly and caring that it was great to see how much joy they got from working with these youngsters. For these children it is about building memories and relationships which can be built upon for the lives of both them and their families. In aid of this the facilities provided for them are second to none, somehow combining a beautifully soothing atmosphere with an adventure playground style fun. We would greatly encourage anyone to help these hospices fulfil their role in the community as each on is by far worth it’s weight in gold, not only to the people they serve but also to their families.

We managed to get some lovely pictures from the day, which we’ve put up in our gallery. You can view them here.

We would like all our supporters to know that the love and joy we got out of the gifts you gave us will now pass on to another generation who may appreciate them once more.

Love and Best Wishes,

Louise and Owen