The final weeks of Hot Ice 2013

Well another week has gone by and I just thought I would keep you updated with our progress through the period of the show. I am glad to say that Louise and I are both holding up fine and there is really little to report about our day to day activities. Unfortunately however last week was a sad one as we lost a member of our cast to injury.

A freak accident occurred in one of the shows where two skaters came too close and the resultant clash left one girl struggling to skate. After a trip to the A&E department of Blackpool hospital it was determined that although there was thankfully no serious damage she would not be fit to continue in the show for the present.

As usual when there is a cast member out we all shuffle around a little to cover the space which is left but this time some members of our cast had to be moved in between numbers to cover the loss. Whilst not a big problem it did take everyone a couple of days to settle in to their new roles. As they say ‘The show must go on’

We now have just over three weeks left with Hot Ice and the time is really speeding by but we are definitely enjoying every minute. Anyway we will keep you updated with more news soon.