The show must go on!

So, this last week has definitely been an interesting one! As usual we started off on Monday in good form and spirits with the whole cast ready and looking forward to another week of shows, but little did we know that a few days in would bring the most significant change for us yet.

As the week goes on it is only natural that with 12 shows a week everyone begins to get more tired and unfortunately by Thursday one of our main cast members was off feeling quite ill.

When anyone is off, as needs must the rest of us must fill in the gaps where we can, essentially re-shuffling the show as we go to fill holes and keep the show running as professionally as possible. This most recent event left several people learning to fill important roles within only a 30minute warm up. Personally we were left with a 2min30sec solo routine with a cape to choreograph in a very short time. This certainly proved an interesting challenge!

As you would expect, nothing goes to plan first time around and although the lifts and moves we put in were good, somehow I managed to fall over on first attempt – thankfully it was nothing major. I am however pleased to say that by Friday night (the third time through) we had it nailed; not bad for 30 minutes work!

Filling a solo routine did come with certain bonuses; it got us out of two other numbers and was certainly an enjoyable experience as it gave us more leeway to skate for ourselves once more. In general it was really enjoyable despite the limited warning and preparation time involved. There’s nothing like this show to throw you the odd curve ball :-) I can’t wait to see what happens next week…. We will keep you posted.