Happy New Year!

Well a Happy New Year to you all!

So here we are people, one week before we begin our first European Championships.  It has been a long time coming but we finally made the team and I have to admit we are delighted.  We have not written a lot at all over the past 12 months but for various reasons it had not felt appropriate.  As not to dwell on the past and to focus on a positive future, we are back and on form.

As most of you will be aware this year the European Championships for a British skater is that bit more special than usual, as we will skate on home turf so to speak.  Though potentially not the most exotic of locations at first thought, the UK is the host nation for the Championships which honestly is fantastic. The Championships will take place in Sheffield from the 23rd-29th January 2012 and all the event information can be found here http://www.europeans2012.co.uk/ There is plenty of opportunity to support the event as tickets are available to watch live and there will also be television coverage, so you have no excuse not to be able to support us and our fellow Team GB members   We are wishing all our team mates, Nisa and the organising committee lots of luck and have every confidence that the event we will be fantastic!

It has been a positive start to 2012 for us with a 3rd place in our international competition last weekend.  We skated a clean short dance with the competition being the fifth time we had skated through the new programme and the freedance was so so with a few mistakes.That given, 3rd place was a huge achievement for us and gained us more world ranking points which is great and was our main aim for this season.

As you may know, we now have two completely different programmes in comparison to those that we began the season with. We are 100% happy with the material we now have and excited to show them off.  It is funny how your perspectives change. We had always said we didn’t have a style and believed, as you do, that we could do anything ! For those of you who are X-Factor fans you will have heard Simon Cowell say – you are good but that was totally the wrong song choice for you! I always thought but yes, if the singer is good then maybe the song doesn’t matter.  Well actually I think it is very important and with our music choices too! If for whatever reason the material/music choices just aren’t you, there will always be something you hold back, hence our changes.

We have been working very very hard, on and off the ice and tried to squeeze in as much rest as we can aside of this.  Finally, because as usual we learn the hard way, we have realised that rest is paramount! Being a workaholic, rest always felt like an indulgence and something to feel guilty about, but not anymore.  I have discovered it is a necessity in order to be able to perform at your best all the time. When you have high expectations and expect such a lot from yourself, you actually begin to lose sight of the simple, obvious things such as good food and sleep. In fact the simple things are the major components that help you perform at your best.  It’s obvious really but easy to overlook when you are in the thick of it all.

Our business Ice Inc is progressing also.  Unfortunately in the second quarter of last year we had significant problems with our website which were almost impossible to overcome.  We were gutted as Ice Inc has been our baby and a healthy contribution to our skating career. Things happen for a reason and actually in reflection this was a good thing as business paused just before we began preparations for the World Championships. After a great deal of courage and persistence, business began to pick up in the later part of the year.  We are now fully functioning and moving forwards. If you get chance take a look www.iceinc-store .com I have been training in a pair of these leggings actually and I love them http://www.iceinc-store.com/product.php?id_product=419!  Anyone thinking of ordering their new boots as the end of the season draws near, remember usually anything over a beginner boot is rarely stocked and there can be a 4-6 week wait.  We will be looking at ordering our new boots the week after Europeans in order to coordinate with the end of the season. Any questions, feel free to ask.

Well, a totally ‘thrilling’ day planned in Lyon today as its our day off with practical things to do such as tidying, washing, costume fixing etc etc glamourous as always darlings :-/ so I will sign off for now, get out my marigolds and be in touch again soon.

Thank you for your continued support!

Love and best wishes as always.