Where are we now?

Hi All!

So here we are again in the beautiful city of Graz! After finishing the NRW trophy only yesterday, we flew from Dusseldorf to Vienna and picked up a hire car from Vienna to Graz today (very complicated but there is method in our madness). We have arrived at our hotel which is very nice, had a little visit to the rink and a walk into the city for dinner.

We don’t actually start competing until Wednesday so we will be planning some light off ice training tomorrow morning and a short skate on the outdoor rink in the afternoon (I am cold just thinking about it). The draw is tomorrow night so keep your fingers crossed we pick a good one!

Likely to be much more to report soon!

Lots of Love

Louise xxx

P.s. Delighted with the message that was left on the bed in my hotel room – “all our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to persue them” – cute! Hope it’s an omen for a good week!